Increasing organic traffic by 83% via digital and content marketing

How we increased organic traffic by 82% for this B2B company

The client

A large B2B professional services company looking to drive more sales through digital marketing. Their new VP of Marketing had recently come onboard and knew that they didn’t have the unit economics to justify the expected advertising budget however she still knew that more traffic was needed. This company served a number of different verticals, or industries, but was mostly relying on their reputation in the market place to drive new business.

The objective

Increase qualified traffic to the website in order to increase “Contact Us” submissions to feed the sales team with leads.

Our approach

We started by understanding exactly who their clients were, and we noticed that their ideal customer was significantly more profitable than the rest, however the industry had a high degree of seasonality. We decided to focus on this customer profile and build out a content marketing strategy targeting them specifically. We didn’t have the budget to make Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising make sense, so we knew this was an organic search, SEO, and content marketing play right away.

We began by understanding the persona, and then identifying the keywords that we were going to target. Once we had this, we created an editorial calendar where we mapped the content to create, which persona it addressed, which stage in the sales funnel it would serve, and which offers we should present on each article to convert readers into leads at the optimal rate. This provided a clear cut roadmap to success.

We provided the strategy, planning, writing, and SEO optimization services that drove this campaign to huge success. We increased qualified, organic traffic to this company by 82.85%, which resuted in an increase in the number of leads by 93.59% of the prior period.