Implementing sales and marketing automation for an advertising agency

Implementing CRM for a digital advertising agency

The client

A digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ad agency came to us because they were expanding their sales team and operation, however they were already encountering familiar growing pains: no visibility into their sales pipeline, difficulty understanding and benchmarking their sales representatives performance from individual to individual, and an inability to forecast accurately.

The objective

Implement a CRM and design the processes to fit their marketing and sales business model/strategy. The tool had to serve not just the sales team, but also the operations, and finance teams. The tool had to be simple to use in order to drive adoption.

Our approach

We conducted workshops with their executive team as well as the sales, and operations teams to understand exactly what the real life flow of their sales process was and how everyone was operating in a vacuum. Next we compared what the leadership needed in order to run the business, with the stages the employees were moving each deal through to connect the dots.

We selected as the CRM to be implemented and began the process of configuring the CRM to match their business rather than trying to adapt their business to the tool. This meant creating new record types, with advanced logic running to simplify the user interface and reduce the amount of time each sales person spent in the CRM. We were focused on not creating a convoluted system that sales had to spend a huge amount of time in. Instead we wanted to free up the sales people to focus on what they do best — selling, not data entry.

We also implemented custom dashboards and reports that allowed not just the week-to-week review and performance tracking to occur in the CRM in a consistent and measurable way, but also forecasting tools that they could rely on.

The end result was a end-to-end platform that they are able to run their business from. We successfully freed up the time that employees were spending on manual data entry, and saw 100% adoption by the sales team.