Marketing Strategy

We create strategies that have been proven to drive demand, leads, and sales and apply them to your business to generate growth with a clear ROI.

Lead generation

Get on the front page of Google search for the terms your customers are searching for and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

Build a marketing and sales funnel

Create a position as a trusted authority and you will generate more leads, close more deals, and shorten your sales cycle length.

More sales, more revenue

Keep prospects engaged even if they drop out of touch with your sales team by delivering relevant, quality content to them to stay top of mind.

A marketing strategy that sells

What a disaster! Most marketing teams in recent years seem to be more interested in spending money than making it. This has led to marketing becoming a cost centre in many organizations. 

What should be the biggest leverage an organization has to drive sales is wasted in far too many companies. We see it all the time, companies that are scaling a sales team with headcount but don't have the proper marketing strategy in place to feed it.

How will sales grow? Expecting sales reps to just "find it", in the best case leads, to sales reps wasting time searching for prospects and starting from scratch with each one. In the worst case, it leads to high sales staff turnover and missed sales targets.

How we approach marketing strategy

Variables include:

  • B2B vs B2C
  • Complexity of the sale
    • Transactional
    • Light touch
    • Enterprise level
  • Sales cycle length
  • Are selling into a mature market or establishing one
  • Size of the market and its distribution

Once there's a clear picture of the market, and how your product fits into it, we can begin creating a strategy that will drive awareness into interest and ultimately sales.

Do you have a complex B2B product that is selling into a small market? We typically start by building clear target account lists first and then build campaigns to make progress into them -- sometimes on a 1:1 basis for maximum success.

On the other hand, if you have a lighter, simpler, transactional offer then a robust content marketing strategy and well structured and automated funnel is powerful. Compelling top of funnel offers, and a series of micro-commitments can be an incredible and effective tool at not just driving sales, but also liquidating some of your acquisition costs. However, you'll have to schedule a call with us to hear about that strategy.


Let's talk about your marketing strategy!

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation where we'll discuss your objectives, and recommend a plan of action.

Content marketing services we offer

We offer a host of content marketing services. Whether you already have some content marketing functions built up in your company and simply need a little extra capacity, or you want to get a winning content marketing strategy up and running from scratch in little time -- we can help. 

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