Conversion rate marketing optimization to increase goal conversion rate by over 700%

How we increased a website conversion rate by 713.30%

The client

A global technology company that operates in a very specific niche. There was only so much more traffic to go after given the size of the industry, and they had just come off of a contract with another agency which had taken the approach of spending more on pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads to just drive more traffic to their site. They had ended up spending more money, but not really driving any business results. So they came to us looking for a different approach, we decided that we needed to do a better job of capturing the traffic that they were getting and turning it into sales.

The objective

Generate more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) by increasing the conversion rate of their traffic.

Our approach

First we started by looking at the target buyers of this company’s product to better understand the persona and we analyzing where their existing traffic was coming from.

Once we had done this we understood that there was a disconnect from what their website was showing and what their target audience was looking for which was impacting conversion rate. They had also not followed best practice on their website design from a user experience (UX) point-of-view by employing multiple different offers sliding across the screen, and worst of all, they had used “witty” copy all over their website.

We undertook a dramatic redesign of the website which focused on the customer journey; did the user upon landing on the webpage feel that they were in the right place? Did the website speak to them as if it knew them and their situation personally? Did it make a clear and compelling offer that they just couldn’t say no to?

Next we looked at optimizing their paid ad spend, as we didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. The problem with their ad campaigns, aside from spending too much money in an attempt to boost vanity metrics, was that what the user was clicking on (the advertisement) had completely different messaging than the page that they landed on after clicking. We redesigned these ad campaigns to maintain a strong end-to-end connection with the advertisement, landing page, and offer, in order to drive up the conversion rate of paid search traffic by 175.34%!

On their pay-per-click campaigns alone we saw some dramatic results:

Dramatic improvements in the pay-per-click campaigns
This is pay-per-click traffic only, before-and-after our changes. We reduced ad-spend by roughly 70%, while increasing conversion rate by 175.34%. Ultimately generating more leads, with less spend.

Between the huge reduction in spending on ad campaigns, and the increase in conversion rate, we were able to spend substantially less while generating almost twice as many leads.